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Covering the Cost of Your Weight Loss Surgery

Insurance Reimbursement

Covering the Cost of Your Weight Loss Surgery

We proudly accept most major insurance PPO plans and are happy to check your insurance benefits to estimate your out-of-pocket cost. Even if you don’t have bariatric benefits, you may still receive partial insurance coverage. One of our patient advocates can verify this information and is here to help you every step of the way.

Out of Pocket Payment

After your consultation, you will meet with our patient coordinator and receive your individualized surgery fee proposal. This proposal includes several components such as: surgeon and assistant fee, hospital expenses, and anesthesia expenses. This surgery fee proposal is not an “all-inclusive package” therefore we recommend that you communicate with the hospital and anesthesia group to verify the accuracy of these estimates.

Options for Financing Your Weight Loss Surgery

Insurance Coverage: After You Reach Your Deductible

Insurance Coverage: After You Reach Your Deductible

If you have insurance coverage, the timing of your surgery can help your medical costs. Once you have reached your health insurance deductible and your out of pocket requirements for the year, your insurance plan will cover a larger percentage of your medical expenses.

Financing Options

Flexible Spending Account

Most employers offer a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), which allows you to spend up to $2,500 of your saved earnings on healthcare without paying taxes on that portion. Bariatric procedures are eligible for FSA funds.

Medical Financing

Medical Financing

In cases where your particular insurance policy does not cover your bariatric surgery or you do not carry insurance coverage, we have partnered with lending institutions that may be able to assist you. You may qualify for a medical loan to cover the surgery as well as pre-surgery expenses. At this time we recommend Lending Club Patient Solutions, and CareCredit Financing.

Retirement Fund Distribution

Many retirement plans have an option for a “hardship distribution,” which may allow you to draw out funds without penalty if the funds will cover an immediate and critical need. You may need to demonstrate that the procedure is essential to maintain your employment or is necessary in another way. Such retirement plans include a 401(k), 403(b) and 457(b), and may extend to other retirement investments.

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