Duodenal Switch Surgery

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Duodenal Switch Surgery

The duodenal switch procedure, also known as the biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch, is a bariatric surgical procedure with some similarity to the gastric bypass.

Instead of a small pouch attached to the Y section of the small intestine, the surgeon actually creates a gastric sleeve or a sleeve shaped stomach. Afterwards, the final section of the small intestine is attached to the stomach sleeve. So, the procedure bypasses all but the last section of the small intestine, which allows your body to reduce the amount of calories and fat absorbed. This carries a greater capacity to eat compared to other bariatric procedures, but fatty foods can carry potential concerns.

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Advantages of Duodenal Switch Surgery

The duodenal switch procedure offers benefits for patients seeking to reduce their excess weight, such as:

  • A good option for revisions if other weight loss procedures have failed
  • Typically no dumping syndrome due to preservation of the pylorus
  • Potential reversal or improvement of type 2 diabetes
  • Potential reversal or improvement of high blood pressure
  • Reduction of high cholesterol
  • Potential reversal of sleep apnea

Please take note that all of this information is based on studies conducted over the course of years. While the results strive for accuracy, we cannot guarantee your duodenal switch procedure will yield the same results.

Duodenal Switch vs Gastric Bypass

Both procedures are potentially effective ways to reduce excess weight when paired with a healthy diet and exercise; however, you may be left wondering about the different results between the two. Ultimately, both have the goal of reducing weight, simply with distinct ways of approaching that goal.

Duodenal switch carries the potential to surpass the gastric bypass when it comes to weight loss results.

In most cases, the procedure carries the potential for more weight loss due to the nature of the duodenal procedure. Furthermore, duodenal switch procedures are irreversible.

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