Hiatal Hernia Surgery

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Hiatal Hernia Surgery

When facing GERD and related conditions, some patients may require surgical intervention. At Texas Endosurgery, we provide trusted and state of art surgical techniques for correction of a hiatal hernia throughout the Houston and Katy areas, with the goal of bringing our patients an ease of their symptoms and prevention of long-term complications.

What is a Hiatal Hernia?

Hiatal hernia is a common condition that does not require surgical treatment in most cases. Hiatal hernias are often benign and produce few or mild symptoms, or symptoms that can be managed with medications. However, in some patients they can produce serious symptoms that cannot be managed with drug therapy.

In the more common type of a hiatal hernia, the connecting portion of the stomach and esophagus push up through an opening in the chest diaphragm; whereas, in a paraesophageal hiatal hernia, a pocket of the stomach separates from this connecting portion and pushes up through the diaphragm on its own. Hiatal hernias, especially paraesophageal hernias, can create complications that may need urgent surgical intervention. They may also carry the potential for complications which should be corrected without significant delay.

Acid Reflux and Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia surgery involves gently reestablishing the stomach or other organs back into place through the diaphragmatic opening (hiatus) and repairing this opening to close and tighten it with the goal of preventing future herniation. The surgeon sutures the hiatus to create a proper entry at the gastroesophageal junction. The team may use special surgical mesh to help reinforce larger areas when it closes the diaphragm. Surgery for hiatal hernias serves to reinforce the position and function of the esophageal sphincter, thus helping to address symptoms of reflux. In the same operation, we will sometimes also combine the fundoplication (Toupet or Nissen type) procedure used to treat severe reflux, for patients who may need an additional step in addressing a reflux condition.

Patients who undergo laparoscopic surgery will spend at least one night in the hospital.

Most patients are mobile the day after their surgery and are able to resume activities within a week. Every patient is unique, and your physician will work closely with you to determine your best options.

Hiatal Hernia Treatment in Houston

Personalized care and optimal safety are our priorities at Texas Endosurgery Associates. We are passionate about high quality healthcare, and we offer each patient an unmatched experience. If you believe you may need hiatal hernia surgery, schedule your appointment with our Houston or Katy office today.